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Zac Zion

Artist Statement


Artistic expression that escapes definition or history is presented without the burden of time.  I have found that this “timeless” type of artistic expression is conducive to experiencing inner stillness. It is my intention to share the experience of unity with images or words that open a doorway leading out of the limited mind and into alert consciousness. I hope my work fosters your ability to enter presence, step out of the conceptual mind, and simultaneously connect with unified spirit.

My Work


A lifetime of artistry is highlighted with the completion of Journey of the Heart. The book compiles all of Zac Zion’s best work over a period of twenty years. The lyrics and abstracts paint a picture of an individual by articulating emotion through words and color. Although the work presented is personal, it is immediately relatable to anyone who has wrestled in their relationships with a loved one or their own conceptual self. Zac Zion expresses the universal spirit without sacrificing his distinct perspective or unique experience.


After publishing his book Journey of the Heart, Zac Zion is moving onto recording the large library of songs within the book. He hopes the songs in audio form will not only enrich and compliment the written work, but make a profound artistic statement that resonates with listeners. His songs are strictly vocal, and come from a completely honest source. Zac Zion’s songs are each an opportunity to let fear transform into love. True love can only be experienced through the recognition of unity. Where there is unity, there is eternal heaven.

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