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Freedom Beyond Answers

Updated: Apr 22

Often times we assume the role of spiritual seeker. We attempt to find answers to our problems. We believe we are missing our truth or solution that resides in divine logic or rationality. We desire freedom, peace, and inner stillness, but haven’t found the answers that allow us this experience. We keep searching, wondering what we are missing.

It is not the answers we are missing, but the answers we are holding that imprison us. The answers we hold, we’ve often held for years, and they have become a severely limiting, solidified, heavy weight that prevent us from experiencing weightless freedom. Our beliefs, viewpoints, mental positions, concepts, and our very cognition has become our identity, and our identity is the biggest answer that defines our entire reality. What we don’t realize is it’s not true, and it keeps us restricted.

The conceptual mind can only understand reality through separation, limitation, and hierarchy. These inherent qualities of the thinking mind cannot be extracted from it. Therefore the mind and it’s champion identity can never experience freedom. The mind is literally a tool that imposes limitation on reality in order to accomplish tasks or attempt to understand challenges.

If you need to give two apples to two friends, first you mentally separate out the apples from unified existence, and then you mentally separate out two “individuals” to give each one an “individual” apple. Since the mind is essentially a tool of separation and limitation, it cannot be used to experience unity and freedom.

When we understand and experience over time the inadequacy of the mind to provide peace, happiness, unity, and freedom, we stop residing within it and step out of prison. We let go of the mind and only use it for practical applications. We let go of identity, and find freedom beyond answers.



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