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Dissolve the Ego

Updated: Apr 22

There seems to be a villain among many spiritual seekers. This villain is the ego! It is there every step of the way: attacking, defending, and judging. At least that is what we believed.

What if there was a way to not only free yourself of the ego but dissolve it entirely from existence? What if I told you dissolving the ego was instantaneous and required no effort? Would you believe me?

Here is the truth. The ego existed, exists, or will exist as long as we judge it to be a reality.

When you are enjoying a beautiful sunset, where has the ego gone? When you are embracing a loved one, what happened to the ego? When you’re lost in your favorite book, is the ego waiting for a better opportunity to once again attack you?

The mind often makes judgements about what has happened, is happening, or will happen. It uses past experience as it’s evidence to strengthen each judgement. When we listen and believe these judgements we suffer.

Every judgement that has ever been thought or spoken is untrue. With this recognition there is infinite freedom. Why is every judgement untrue? Any judgement that you make could be replaced for a different more appealing judgement at any time. What does that say about the validity of judgements? What stories have you been playing over and over in your head that you believe so passionately? Have you challenged them but felt powerless to change them? Rejoice! You do not need to change them. The trick is to just recognize that they are untrue. You don’t need to swap out an illusion for a better illusion.

Infinite freedom is available to you every moment of the day. All you need to do is release the judgement you’re currently clutching so tightly. The truth is we ARE infinitely free. If this judgement bothers you, let it go and enjoy the beauty of needing nothing to be your true radiant self.

Ego requires something.

Freedom requires nothing.

This world means nothing until we assign it meaning.

If you wish to be free, do not believe in limitation.

Eternal Freedom is universal truth.



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