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External Salvation

Updated: Apr 22

How many times have you tried to convince someone that you knew the right course of action for them to take? Did you wish to prove that their decision, position, or idea was incorrect?

What is truly happening when we attempt to “help” another by giving them information or instruction? There are some key concepts to recognize in relation to external salvation. When we try to influence others, there are concurrent concepts that are at work. Examples of these concepts are as follows:

You judge yourself separate from the other.

You judge that others exist.

You judge yourself right and the other wrong.

You judge that problems exist.

You judge that salvation is necessary.

As a free spirit, we must recognize these judgements when we are tempted to influence others.

If you are truly free, why do you need another to change?

Our true self needs no defense or persuasion.

Be without judgement or limitation and see freedom everywhere you look.

Do not see others, but experience unity with all of creation.

Salvation is an internal truth that does not change.



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