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Form and Formless

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

As Eckhart Tolle states,

there is a dimension of form

and a formless dimension to reality.

Is our true identity

one of form, the formless, or both?

Form is limited content

that is subject to time and polarity.

It exists through definition.

This content can be

matter, physical form, concepts, beliefs,

ideas, thoughts, perceptions,

emotions, sensations, feelings, etc.

Formless is infinite consciousness

that is experienced as awareness

and cannot be measured,

defined conceptually, or bound by time.

Suffering is experienced

when we identify with form.

This is because form is time bound,

subject to polarity, and limited in nature.

Energy is restricted temporarily

while identifying with form.

When a particular form

is assumed as part of one’s identity,

it is intrinsically assumed

to be a superior form,

and can only hold superiority

while everything else is held inferior.

A form that is assumed as positive

can only exist with a negative form,

is subject to birth and death,

is separate from all other forms,

can only grow or evolve to a certain point,

and is limited in all aspects of its existence.

When one assumes no identity,

it could be said that they are connected

to the totality of reality.

Without clinging

to justification or definitions,

one can exist without limitation.

One is simply open to all that enters

the field of awareness without attachment.

Content is free

to come and go without restriction.

Thoughts and feelings arise,

but they are not

“your” thoughts or “your” feelings.

In this way, life is experienced

without egocentric expectations,

ambitions, desires, or control placed on it.

Life is exactly as it should be,

one is able to be present

without defending their position

or attacking someone else’s.

There is no fear of life or death

because one is not identified

with the body or its age.

There is no fear at all

because one is not identified with form.

All form is not threatening,

because it doesn’t belong to anyone.

The concepts of form and the formless

can only exist in the dimension of form,

as all concepts do.

A "true identity"

is a concept in the head

as any other assumed identity.

The depth of existence has no bounds,

even the concept of infinity.

In short identity is an illusion.

Any attempt to assume an identity

creates suffering

and prevents one from being

connected to all of existence.

© Zac Zion

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