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Is the Universe Positive, Negative, or Indifferent?

Updated: Apr 22

The universe is positive!

The universe is negative!

The universe is indifferent!

These are three concepts

that all must have some validity,

or we would not

understand their meaning.

I believe when isolating

an area of existence

it can be more easily categorized

as positive, negative, or indifferent.

When the combined area of the universe

is called into question,

categorization becomes impossible.

Is it intelligent to categorize

the sum of all categories?

It is hard to negate the benefits

of believing in a positive universe

over a negative universe.

However, the belief

in an indifferent universe

allows one a certain freedom as well.

A belief worth considering:

the universe has infinite qualities,

but the sum of those qualities

is infinitely positive.

When an isolated experience,

thought, feeling, or individual

connects to a vast amount of unique others,

complexity and beauty compounds.

Furthermore, there is a great gift

in our freedom of choice.

It is our choice to perceive

the universe we share

in any way we can imagine.

Could a universe that grants

freedom of perception be negative?

That is up to you to decide.



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