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Updated: Apr 22

At best, concepts support the trust in God’s will that is far beyond concepts, mentality, physicality, space, and time. The best concepts can offer is awareness of conceptual inadequacy to provide security, trust, love, or surrender. The following written work consists of concepts. There is not one concept that can define reality. Freedom from the depressing grip of concepts is possible through recognition of unity and non judgement.

A concept cannot encapsulate who you are.

A concept cannot give you an identity.

A concept cannot give you peace.

A concept cannot free you of illusions.

A concept cannot dissolve fear

A concept cannot encapsulate love.

Separation does not exist.

Individuals do not exist.

Judgement doesn’t exist.

Ego doesn’t exist.

Judgement relies on separate individuals, therefore judgement doesn’t exist.

Ego relies on separate individuals and judgement to exist, therefore the ego does not exist.

Judgement doesn’t exist.

It is believed to exist by the mind through misunderstanding. It doesn’t exist, because in order for judgement to be real, there must be something that exists outside of reality to make a judgement. All things reside within the totality of reality. In truth nothing has ever been truly judged. Our true nature is infinitely vast, and no judgement could ever encapsulate or define who We are. There is no “we” in truth. There is no division between people, except through a misunderstanding of the mind, just as there is no division between any particles throughout the universe. All particles share a connection in space and form.

separation= division of reality into individual things

individual= separation from another

ego= identification with separate things

true understanding= being the present moment and assuming God’s will.

judgement= separate egocentric individual’s understanding imposed on another individual

Past + Future + Presence (Non Judgement)= Present

Acceptance, Surrender, Non Judgement, Non resistance= No Identity

Presence= giving undivided attention to reality

Presence (non judgment) unifies or dissolves time, heals all wounds, and connects us to our totality.

Suffering= identification with ego, and resistance to “something” in reality

Suffering doesn’t exist because the ego, and resistance do not exist.

3 responses to reality

Cling= resistance polarity A

Deny= resistance polarity B

Align= true surrender no polarity

Clinging is not possible because there is no separate individual or experience to cling to.

Eternal Life= timeless presence with no suffering

Eternal life is actually reality. We have never separated from it. We have only judged ourselves separate from it by misunderstanding our identity and clinging to a nonexistent ego.

Denial is not possible, because there is no separate individual or experience to deny. You can believe you are in denial, but there is a connected intention that the belief in denial is gravitating you towards. If denial is actually promoting connection through evolutionary understanding, is it truly denial?

spirit + space + form + time + all emotions + separation + connection + ego + resistance + clinging + denying + aligning = unified spirit, infinity, form dissolution, time dissolution, timeless peace, joy, emotional openness, connection, ego dissolution, equality, and equanimity

The mind is not to be denied. The true mind is not separate from the totality. The mind is connected just as everything else is connected in this vast universe.

When you listen, listen with your whole body. Accept with your whole body. That means everything within you accept, and everything connected and extended from you accept.

Acceptance is not defining reality and saying it is good.

If we define our past and cling to it as good, how could we be open and receptive to the present and God’s will?

Acceptance is non judgement and trust that reality has and will unfold according to God’s will.



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